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The land-based aquaculture study group
In order to revitalize the aquaculture industry and solve various problems such as technical and economic aspects,
It was established in 2013 for the purpose of information exchange and interaction.
Currently in Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa,
Lectures are held four times a year, and more than 800 members, including aquaculture farmers all over Japan,
We invite local governments, academic institutions, researchers, and other stakeholders to hold the conference.
What is the land-based aquaculture study group?
​2024.02.21 Information on the next seminar has been updated.
​2023.06.23 The Cultivation and Aquaculture Division, Fisheries Agency's Propagation Promotion Department, has notified land-based aquaculture operators to submit a notification form for land-based aquaculture.
Member TOPIX
​* If you have any information you would like to post here,
​ Please contact us using the inquiry form.
​2023.4.1 The venue and schedule for the next seminar have been decided.
​2023.4.1 The site has been renewed.
​* If you would like more information, please join us.

The terrestrial aquaculture study group aims to conduct various studies in order to spread the terrestrial aquaculture business as one of the revitalization of the aquaculture industry in Japan. It is a place to mediate information for clarifying various problems and systematizing them.


The terrestrial aquaculture study group was launched in 2013 with the aim of revitalizing the terrestrial aquaculture business and providing a forum for information exchange and interaction aimed at resolving various technical and economic issues faced by the aquaculture industry. Currently, he gives lectures four times a year in Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa. We invite more than 900 members, as well as aquaculture operators, local governments, academic institutions, researchers, engineers, and other related parties from all over Japan.


The land-based aquaculture study group is supported by more than 900 members in total. We regularly send newsletters about what our members are doing. You can share the latest efforts of researchers, etc.

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